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          Nanchang source of Mining and Metallurgy Equipment Co., Ltd. is the former state-owned factory in Nanchang laboratory sample self-financing major technology and staff formed a joint-stock enterprise. Former state-owned factory in Nanchang sample preparation laboratory vibration mill producing series products have been part Shengyouchanpin awards, including GJ-Ⅰ system prototype won the national silver medal, has long been research institutes and <MORE>
      Nanchang source of Mining and Metallurgy Equipment Co., Ltd
      Address:125 Beijing East Road, Nanchang
      TEL:0791—88220607(Mis Luo)
           0791—88183110(Mis Liu)
      Automatic valve filter 
      Manual valve filter 
      The GJ-B system prototype 
      The GJ-A system prototype 
      XFD-III single trough flotation machine 
      Continuous feeding and discharging system prototype LMZ-120 
      Roll crusher 
      Standard sieves 
      LMZ-120 screen 
      Scraper, sampling scoop 
      Rotary kiln controller 
      Rubber coupling assembly 
      High manganese steel material pot 
      Sealing ring, the cushion block 
      Corundum material pot 
      High manganese steel hammer ring hammer block 
      Tungsten carbide material pot 
      1000g feeder bowl 
      High manganese steel jaw plate 
      Electric heating plate 
      2XZ series rotary vane vacuum pump 
      DF-4 electromagnetic sample pulverizer 
      Vertical sand pump 
      XCT type diaphragm jig 
      Box type resistance furnace 
      Electric air blowing drying box 
      Aluminum alloy bed 
      Glass steel bed 
      Four roller fifty cylinder 
      XCTS- φ 300 magnetic dewatering tan 
      Vibrating sieve machine 
      XSZ-200 top hammer type vibration sieve machine 
      Single layer dual vibration screen 
      XFLB continuous flotation machine 
      XFD- Ⅱ single trough flotation machine 
      XFD single trough flotation machine 
      With multi slot XFD-12 type flotator Laboratory 
      FX mechanical agitated continuous flotation machine 
      Ball mill 
      XFG series hanging cell flotation machine 
      XMB three roller four cylinder bat grinding machine 
      QM&nbsp; tube ball mill 
      XMB rod mill 
      ZQM intelligent cone ball mill 
      XMQ cone ball mill 
      LQM- φ 600/ φ 300 mill with scre 
      XCGS φ 50 magnetic separato 
      CSQ&nbsp; 50x70&nbsp; high intensity magnetic separator 
      CRS φ 400x300 electromagnetic wet drum magnetic separato 
      NTL-WF electric contraction machine 
      XSHF2-3 type wet sample divider 
      XMGB work index ball mill 
      Disc grinder 
      PC hammer crusher 
      1/8&nbsp; MPS hammer type crushing machine 
      1/8&nbsp; EPS jaw type crushing machine 
      Environmental protection type negative suspension crusher 
      PE jaw crusher 
      Sealing type jaw crusher 
      XJT type leaching agitator 
      XPWL&nbsp; planets intelligent grinding machine 
      XPM three head grinding machine 
      MJQL stirred ball mill 
      Continuous feeding and discharging system prototype LMZ-120 
      The MZ-1000 system prototype 
      High manganese steel GJ-IA 
      The internal structure of LMZ-120 
      GJ-AX sealed sample pulverizer 
      6MZ 100 sealed sample pulverizer 
      5MZ 100 sealed sample pulverizer 
      4MZ 100 sealed sample pulverizer 
      3MZ-100 sealed sample pulverizer 
      2MZ-100 sealed sample pulverizer 
      1MZ-200 sealed sample pulverizer 
      Six heads of tungsten carbide preparation machine 
      Four heads of tungsten carbide preparation machine 
      Two heads of tungsten carbide preparation machine 
      A tungsten carbide preparation machine 
      SHY-II laboratory rotary kiln 
      SHY-I laboratory rotary kiln 
      Copyright @ Nanchang source of Mining and Metallurgy Equipment Co., Ltd. all Rights Reserved
      ADDRESS:125 Beijing East Road, Nanchang TEL:0791-88220607 CONTACT:Mis Luo FAX:0791-88183960 PHONE:13970010122